The Vegetarian Guide to San Francisco

Welcome to San Francisco's guide to vegetarian living!

San Francisco is one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in the country.

With more than 20 vegetarian restaurants and countless more that cater to vegetarian and vegan customers, it's easy to find delicious and healthy food made without meat or animal products. Whether you live in the Bay Area or are just visiting, browse through this website and savor the delicious possibilities! It's never been easier to enjoy delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine!

Get connected with the strong local community advocating for healthy, humane, and sustainable living through our Services, Organizations and Resources sections. Also be sure to check for upcoming events!

If you have any suggestions for our site, if you are a restaurant, company, or organization interested in being listed, or if you just want help going vegetarian or meeting local vegetarians, email us at Restaurants considering expanding their vegetarian or vegan offerings are encouraged to view the vegetarian starter guide for restaurants.