The Vegetarian Guide to San Francisco


Check out these Bay Area-based and national organizations promoting healthy, sustainable, and compassionate food choices. Contact them to volunteer or learn more about their important work.

Bay Area, National

Bay Area

Animal Place
A Vacaville-based sanctuary for farmed animals. Contact for tour and volunteer information.

Animal Protection Institute
A national animal advocacy organization based in Sacramento.

Bay Area Animal Rights Network (BAARN)
A network of Bay Area animal activists. Join the BAARN email list to be notified of upcoming events or pertinent local news, or to let other activist know of events you have planned.

Bay Area Vegetarians (BAV)
Holds advocacy, outreach, and social events around the Bay Area and provides great support for new vegetarians. If you're new to the area or to vegetarianism and are looking for advice or to meet other vegetarians, this is the email list to join.

Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy
UC-Berkeley's student animal advocacy group.

Bite Back Vegan Society
Bite Back Vegan Society events calendar
Grassroots animal advocacy group. Check out its great calendar for upcoming events.

Center for Informed Food Choices
Educates the public about food policy issues related to healthy eating. Based in Berkeley.

Circle of Life
Founded by Julia Butterfly Hill, Circle of Life activates people through education, inspiration and connection to live in a way that honors the diversity and interdependence of all life. Based in Berkeley, CA.

Compassionate Cooks
Offers vegetarian cooking classes perfect for both aspiring and long-time vegetarians. Check out their fantastic new veg cooking DVD!

East Bay Animal Advocates
All-volunteer grassroots animal advocacy organization focused on farmed animal issues and holding frequent events throughout the East Bay.

The Empathy Project
Offers free presentations about animal and environmental issues, including vegetarianism, to schools and community groups in the Bay Area. Based in San Francisco.

Farm Sanctuary
A national advocacy organization and sanctuary for farmed animals, located near Chico, in Orland, CA. Contact for tour information.

In Defense of Animals
A national advocacy organization based in Marin that coordinates some local events on various animal rights issues.

People's Grocery
Running a mobile market serving West Oakland, and stocked with locally grown organic produce, People's Grocery is a nonprofit that recognizes that access to healthy food is a social justice issue.

San Francisco Vegetarian Society
Holds monthly potlucks and regular events featuring fantastic vegetarian speakers.

Small Planet
Addresses the terrible environmental consequences of factory farming and promotes vegetarianism to environmentally concerned people and organizations.

Uses video footage to expose the treatment of animals used for food. Visit the site to find out when VegVideo will be airing next on public access, or to order a free video.

Viva! USA
A national advocacy organization focused on promoting vegetarianism/veganism and increasing protections for farmed animals. Based in Davis, CA.



CHOICE (Citizens for Healthy Options in Children's Education)
National organization working to expand the vegetarian and vegan offerings in school cafeterias across the country.

Compassion Over Killing
Animal advocacy organization focused on farmed animal issues. Based in Washington, D.C.

Mercy for Animals,
Grassroots animal advocacy organization focused on farmed animal issues. Based in Ohio.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA),
The largest animal rights group in the country. Based in Norfolk, VA.

Protecting Animals, USA
Grassroots animal advocacy organization focused on farmed animal issues. Based in Chicago.

Vegan Outreach
National animal advocacy organization focused on promoting a vegetarian or vegan diet.

VegNews Network
National, based in San Francisco
More than just a magazine, the VegNews Network comprises other fantastic vegetarian efforts as well.


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